To look at a single dataset, simply click on the associated icon.  For this example, we’ll be looking at the third icon on the dashboard: the BRIC19 A. thaliana Col-0 ecotype comparison from SpaceX CRS-4.


This is what a typical dataset dashboard will look like.  The title at the top refers to what experiment and dataset this is.  BRIC19 is the NASA hardware the experiment flew in.  As the title states, this experiment is a comparison of 4 different kinds (ecotypes) of the research plant Arabidopsis thaliana in spaceflight versus ground control.  The title says “Col-0″, which means that this data set is displaying data from the ecotype Col-0.  The other ecotypes (Ler-0, Cvi-0, and WS-2) each have their own datasets.



  1. Click the compass icon to return to the app overview (home dashboard)
  2. This number is the total amount of genes in this database.  It will change according to how many genes you have selected at a time.
  3. This is a list of all the genes by symbol or their genetic “alias”.
  4. This is a list of the transcript IDs by ATG code.
  5. If you click the slim box above the “Gene Family Filters” it will take you to the NASA GeneLab repository containing the data.
  6. This is a volcano plot displaying the distribution of all transcripts.
  7. The transcript abundance chart compares log-fold change in spaceflight versus ground control for each transcript.
  8. This chart displays where the gene is expressed in the cell.
  9. This chart displays the KEGG (Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes) pathway.
  10. This chart displays a description of the molecular function based on standards set by the Gene Ontology Consortium.
  11. This chart displays a description of the gene’s biological process also set by GO.
  12. Click this box to toggle between genes that are statistically significant in this dataset.
  13. This box displays genes in the C0l-0 dataset that are statistically significant in any of the other three ecotypes.
  14. This is a download button that displays green buttons on table data you can download.
  15. Click this bar to view a list view or move forward or backward in TOAST.